Tuesday 26 April 2011


I did an interview and a header pic for the good folks over at HorrorSleazeTrash.
Go and check it out!


A. M. Esmonde said...

Great interview, your work is fantastic.

All the best A. M.

ARI said...

Excellent one

Dave Paget said...

Hi Ben. I've been a big fan of your work for quite some time now, but only just grew a set of balls to actually speak to you!! Great interview and insight to yourself and your work! Keep producing the same exciting work!!

Aidan said...

nice arse ben.

the pic isnt bad either...*badoom-tish*

Ben Newman said...

A.M. Esmonde: Cheers! I hate doing interviews; I always think I come across as a dick!
ARI: ta
Paj: Thanks! Just had a look at your blog, you've got some really nice stuff over there. Suicide Girl portraits were ace!
Aiden: haha. I heard via the inernet grapevine that TS4 is being bandied around again. Any inside goss?

SarahElizabeth said...

Hey Ben
I just discovered your artwork and was totally knocked out by it. I've been obsessed with erotic art since I was a kid and I've amassed a large collection of material over the years. Your stuff just blows me away. You create hauntingly sexy female faces - just to gaze upon them makes me feel deliciously corrupted. That girl in bondage (is half the picture missing) is simply a masterpiece of pure erotica. I could go on but if I do you'll think I'm some sort of creepy nutter (which, maybe, I am!!). I have just started a blog. I'd be honoured if you be my first follower.

SarahElizabeth said...

Forgot to give a link to my new blog:http://sarahseroticart.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous !! :)