Wednesday 4 May 2011

Got an small writeup in Juxtapoz online, going by the title they've given it I imagine it came via HorrorSleazeTrash. Thanks BJS!

And a thing on Pinup and Cartoon Girls! I'm all over the interwebs today!


Ron said...

Found you via "Pinup and Cartoon Girls". Amazing work you have here. Made my week. :)

Ben Newman said...

thanks Ron!

SarahElizabeth said...

Hi Ben - Thanks for becoming my very first Follower - I am honoured! I have added a few more pictures to my blog which I hope you'll find interesting. Do add comments if you have time; I'm very interested to know what you think about things.

My personal email is and you are welcome to email me any time.

ARI said...

You´ve got a mention in my blog

Unknown said...

I just Saw!! Congratz! Ur art is Insane, i'm stunned and blown out of my chair!
U rock my world

x x x Susi