Tuesday 26 April 2011


I did an interview and a header pic for the good folks over at HorrorSleazeTrash.
Go and check it out!

Thursday 21 April 2011

I was thinking to my myself today "you know what I haven't drawn in a while... A honking great robot!". This speedpaint is in no way derivative of Ashley Wood and I will take legal action against anyone who says it is.

Also, I very kindly got sent some photos of a huge tattoo of my pic of Missy Malone.
Cheers Nick!

Thursday 14 April 2011

When I was a kid I broke my leg and ended up stuck in hospital for a while, and my mum started bringing me copies of 2000ad to read. When I saw Simon Bisleys Slaine it was a revelation for me. I'd always liked to draw but hadn't really thought too deeply about where I was going with it or what the possibilities were, and here was a guy painting these ridiculously beautiful comics with guys turning into monsters, demons all over the place and gorgeous warrior women with giant boobs. Needless to say I started drawing a lot more from that point on.
The last thing I read of his (and Kevin Eastmans) was Fistful of Blood, a western about a mysterious naked woman fighting a load of vampires all rendered in pencil.
Speedy fanart ahead!

Sunday 3 April 2011

Thanks to a little bit of prompting from xEmilx I've finally got round to finishing the squid king pic "Tales of the High Seas". Now available in the print shop!

And heres and animated process gif because they always seem to go down well. Let's see how long it'll be until photobucket removes it!
This following pic is one I finished at the end of last year but I've only just got round to putting it up. It's a bit more graphic stylee than i normally go for but I think it works pretty well in this context, even if I do say so myself! Also now in the print shop.

More soon!