Thursday 18 April 2013

Timesplitters Rewind

I recently found out about Timesplitters Rewind, a project where a small group of fans are remaking Timesplitters from scratch but doing it all new and hi-tech! They contacted me to see if I had any old concept stuff floating around that might be any use to them. Unfortunately most of the concept art I did for TS was for my own reference, and probably not a whole lot of use to anyone else.
 I always saw the 3d models as the final stage of the characters, and any concepts I did were just a step along the route to realising those characters. Which is basically a long-winded way of saying the concept art is too crappy/sketchy for me to show! Because it was just for my own use I used a lot of visual shorthand and often would just write notes to remind myself of things I wanted to do rather than actually drawing it. The final textured models however I'm pretty proud of, so here are all the renders (only a tiny fraction of all the TS characters though!) I still have floating around on various hard-drives. Some of these I've put up before, so sorry for any duplication. Most of these were done solely by me, but there are couple in this lot that were worked on by other artists (Jake Gumbleton and Nick Carver I think).
The work the guys at Timesplitters Rewind have done so far looks really good, so if that's your bag head over there and take a look.

More art soon.

Thursday 11 April 2013


Here's a commission I just finished. Drawing redheads is fun!

More art soon.

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Bizarre, Dolphins and Pony Play!

I've done a few different illustrations for Bizarre Magazine; most of these are pretty old now so I thought I'd post them up here for posterity!

These three were done for an article about a man who had a "relationship" with a dolphin in the seventies. The dolphin eventually died :(  I tried to do them in a cheesy romance novel style.

These pics of various members of the Bizarre team in fancy dress were done for the editors page.

These next ones were done to illustrate various aspects of pony play for an article.

Picking the right partner:
Learning and getting in the right headspace:
The right outfit for you:
Following commands:
Becoming a specialist:
Drawing for bizarre is always fun, I can't imagine any other magazine that'd have me drawing such a diverse range of subjects! I've you've never read it, give it go.