Wednesday 23 February 2011


I'm afraid to say that you can expect to see less updates on my blog in the future; why? Because someone at my work looked over my shoulder while I was drawing at lunchtime, made an assumption about what they were looking at and complained to Human Resources that I was drawing "sexual violence".
It's an accusation I've had thrown against me before (and I'm sure I will again) and it never fails to annoy me for one simple reason; I don't draw sexual violence! I will hold my hands up proudly to drawing perverse, weird and occasionally twisted art, but all fictional parties involved in my pics are always doing so consensually; If anything it's normally the women being the instigators!
I personally think that some people (women AND men) have issues with women being portrayed as people who want weird sex and that only men have strange fantasies, which is patently not the case. When this type of person sees an image in which a woman is (for example) getting it on with a giant squid, they immediately cry "rape!" no matter how much the woman is obviously enjoying herself.
Anyway, just to prove my point, here is a collage of women crying, screaming, angry, sad and being abused...sigh :(
The upshot of this whole episode is that I can no longer draw at work, and because whoever complained did so anonymously rather than to my face I have to go around wondering who has such a twisted opinion of me.
But don't worry! I'll still be drawing and posting filthy femmes and perverted pics, just not at work :P

Rant over!
more art soon.

Friday 18 February 2011

lunchtime speedy of one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite films:

Thursday 17 February 2011

Nearly finished this one after having it hanging over me for ages.
Little teaser:

Wednesday 9 February 2011

The danger of playing too much silent hill

Is that you end up doodling silly stuff like this...

okay, I've bowed to popular pressure and taken down the alligator woman pic... instead, here's a detail of the still ongoing three pigs picture:

Also, I recently did some illustrations for Bizarre magazine for an article about a man (true story!) who had a "relationship" with a dolphin. The relevant issue should either be out now or in the next couple of days so go and buy yourself a copy to see the rest of the pictures.

Other news: I've been finding it a bit tricky to keep track of who's who in the comments because there are a few different people posting under "anonymous", so I'm going to disable the ability to post anonymously. Sorry if it causes you problems!