Monday 5 January 2015

Jenny Bones: Legend of the Peril Squad

Clandestine Republic have put up some more info about their 2015 releases, including some more stuff about Jenny Bones. Keep checking back on their website for more breaking news as it comes!

 "Jenny Bones, her robot boyfriend Coop and her slacker best friend Tessa are the Peril Squad. Along with their loyal pet Tundra they live a happy-go-lucky life of treasure hunting and partying, until they uncover an ancient military artefact, and accidentally start a process that could spell the end of time itself...
 The Peril Squad must set off on an epic adventure to the far ends of the world - from the mystery strewn wild woods of Loon to the fighting pits of the Slave King to the creeping terror of the Never dimension. Journeying under the seas and through the skies, encountering mystical acolytes for a lost religion, seeking answers in the Lost Mines, and still fitting in some time for some dancing!
 Join Jenny Bones on her provocative odyssey of danger, sex, fighting and romance as she faces an enemy the likes of which the world has never known... 
 Long live the Peril Squad!"

Work in progress previews:

30 bound/detachable prints
15 x 21 cm
Full colour
Limited first edition