Thursday 21 April 2011

I was thinking to my myself today "you know what I haven't drawn in a while... A honking great robot!". This speedpaint is in no way derivative of Ashley Wood and I will take legal action against anyone who says it is.

Also, I very kindly got sent some photos of a huge tattoo of my pic of Missy Malone.
Cheers Nick!



SWEET!! Awesome robotness buddy! And no worries mate, there's zero Ashley Woodness to worry about! Anyone who says different just doesn't go out much!!

So awesome to see all these new pieces coming up here!!! Love love love it!

Take care out there in the West!

Benjamin John Smith said...


In case i have the wrong email just sent one to you saying -

"Dude i could wait, i had to go ahead!

looks great, let me know if you would liek any changes?

thanks again man, im really a fan of your work, hoping
to get a print when my cc isnt so red =)

I think you would like my latest HST GIRL shoot, haha, got
a little wild, thats me in the bath at the end.

Do you have facebook (i know thats a little queer, apologies)


ARI said...

A speed painting? It´s really good!

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff !

Unknown said...

Great perspective on the bot pic. Your chics are always bringing hotness!