Friday 21 October 2016


SpooOOooky dooOOoodling!


Unknown said...

I hold your art up there with 2 of my other favorite J. Scott Campbell and Luis Royo. It's always amazing, I love your style, and the content is awesome. I'm wondering if you've ever considered putting your work into books, like a collection of your art I could buy to flip through. There's so many good ones, I'd have a hard time buying single prints of all my favorites. I've been following this blog for quite a while, 2009 I think. I can't exactly remember, but I check in for new work at least once a week.
thank you for the continued inspiration.

Ben Newman said...

Thanks Unknown! I like both those guys too :)
maybe one day I'll do a book, I wouldn't hold your breathe though!
Sorry I don't update as often as I should.