Tuesday 12 January 2016

Jenny Bones available.....NOW!

Jenny Bones: Legend of the Peril Squad is available RIGHT NOW only from Clandestine Republic!
If you want to get your hands on my first and so far only full colour adventure head over there now to snag yourself a copy:

30 bound/detachable prints
18 x 25 cm
Full colour

Limited first edition


Anthony_B said...

Never got around to thanking you, I finally got my order in late Nov. Always loved your painterly illustrative style, and peril squad left me wanting more. Great work! However, I fear I may have to order another one to hang the pages so as not to destroy the bound copy.

Anthony_B said...
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Mimi Cortazar said...

Cool design!

Ben Newman said...

Anthony: Thanks man! My bank manager certainly won't complain if you want to buy two ;)
Mimi: Cheers!

Unknown said...

I also got it...it's just great! Is there any plan to publish a compilation of all your works in the same format? It would be awesome!

Ben Newman said...

Thanks! There's no plan, but I'll probably do it one day... just not anytime soon!