Thursday 1 October 2015


Clandestine Republic currently have some great xmas offers on, and the best part is that you'll also be helping an awesome independent publisher!

"We've been doing our very best every single day for the past 4 years to publish book projects that we believe must be printed regardless of their financial viability.
After being forced to stand up and refuse Chinese censorship in Hong Kong and to re-establish ourselves internationally, we find ourselves needing your help to be able to continue to do just that. To continue to publish always more, great projects from amazing artists refusing any censorship.

We've decided to combine the powers of Christmas with the powers of crowdfunding to offer you the absolute best gifts for you and your loved ones for the holidays. This includes specials on shipping and limited edition gift certificates, all dedicated to funding our chance for a future here."

Head over there and check it out!

More art soon!

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