Monday 6 October 2014

New(ish) Prints!

I've worked up a couple of recent pics to a better standard and I'm putting them and one more out as limited edition prints, available in my shop.




In other news, I'm working on a mini print book due for release through Clandestine Republic hopefully by Christmas next year. The details are still a bit floaty, but it's going to be the story of three adventurers in a strange land...
I've started blocking out some of the images and I think it's going to be great! And if you've ever bought any Clandestine books before you know to expect fantastic quality.
Anyway, it's going to eat up all my time for the next few months, so expect to see more about it on here for a while!
More art soon


Mimi Cortazar said...

Cool stuff Ben! Cheers!

Ben Newman said...

No, I still am! I've just been really tied up working on my book, so I haven't had anything I could show on here for a while. But as soon as I've got something it'll be up here!

Mike Philbin said...

Peach ROCKS.

Crispin Stichart said...

Hey, found this through reddit; any chance you're going to put a print of this in your store? :)

Crispin Stichart said...

Wow, disregard the last post, I am blind/have terrible reading comprehension.

*goes off and buys a Peach print*

Lee Jones said...

Hey Ben. It's been a little while since I've had the time to check out your awesome work. My unexplainable insomnia tonight has given me the time. Hope you and your Mrs are well. Engine Driver is still my favourite piece (you may remember I have here tattooed on my right forearm) but Peach gets a close second.

Merry Xmas to you both and I wish an awesome 2016.

Ben Newman said...

Hey Lee, thanks for getting in touch! Yep, we're both good; hope you had a good new years and finally got to sleep!