Friday 4 May 2012

Art Market

Me and the Missus are going to have a stall tomorrow at the pop-up shopping day at The Resistance Gallery in London. I'm going to be selling prints and postcards if you want to swing by and buy art and say hello! Although you'll probably end up talking more to my wife than to me because I'm very unsociable.

If you say the code-word "Fishhook" I'll give you £5 off prints and and free postcard!
More info about the event here.


ScottySevere said...

Hey Ben,

I've been visiting your Blogspot for quite a long time and I just have to say this. You should get a have quite a lot of interest on Tumblr without an account and I think your popularity could only swell if you had one. Just a thought. I'll still keep coming here, regardless.

Cheers, Scotty.

Ben Newman said...

hey Scotty! Yeah, I've thought about getting a tumblr, but IMO tumblrs should be updated at least once a day, and I just don't have the stuff or the time to update that much! Also, I'm not so keen on the throwaway nature of tumblr, the blog feels a bit more solid if you know what I mean. Never say never though!

ScottySevere said...

Well, I don't know about Tumblr having a throwaway nature to it, as I've had mine for several years now. Some people start and stop and start again on Tumblr, but I think that's stupid. Just don't do that, lol. And for the most part I only posted something whenever it was up to my standards for posting, certainly not everyday. That approach led to several of my paintings becoming quite popular. However, lately I've been posting more than just my own work on a daily basis. I'm not sure if that will engender people to become more or less interested in my work, but it's worth the experiment to show what interests/influences me. For a while, my Tumblr was mostly just an online portfolio of my digital work, so you can definitely go either way and maintain interest. Another Artist I admire, Monaux, recently made the jump to Tumblr and made Tumblr Radar almost immediately, going viral. Just a friendly suggestion. Like I said, I'll still come here as long as you are here...

Cheers, Scotty.