Friday 10 February 2012

Jane Doe Apparel

Ready to see the sickest collaboration ever to hit the world of fashion?
Well, that might be overstating it but it does look pretty awesome even if I do say so myself!
In conjunction with Nina Kate of Jane Doe Apparel I present ...
the Satan Pope tee!

Available now here. Go get one! If you want.
I was listening to a lot of dubstep when I drew this.
I'm going to do a limited edition run of this soon, so keep your eyes open for that as well.
More art soon!


Kronos said...

Wicked hot! You know I gotta have her! She'll make my other nun very happy :) For now, I'm getting the Tee, just wrote Nina about it. Keep rocking my friend!

Sexuellatankar said...

Hello Ben

You are a great artist, is it okej if I show some of your paintings in my blog with a link to your blog?


Tony said...

genio!... you are a genius!