Tuesday 31 January 2012


Woohoo! I've finally got around to getting an actual shop where you can buy prints and stuff without having to have a long winded email exchange! Although you can still do it that way if you like.
The new shop is HERE! And on the sidebar.
To celebrate the grand opening I'm going to do a super limited print run of Pikaball.

I'm only doing ten A3s and one A2 so get them while you can. I wasn't planning on doing any, but I did a test print and it looked so damn nice I decided to do a few!

Unfortunately, as I warned at the end of last year, I've also had to jiggle the pricing around a bit. No massive increases, but it's still a shame; the cost of printing and posting was just going up and up!
In other news, the huge chunk of work I had to get done is starting to get a bit more manageable, so I should be back to posting more often in the not too distant future.
More art soon!

1 comment:

Rancid Cheese said...

Hell yes! I'm sure my Mrs won't mind me getting one of these instead of a Valentine's for her :P