Friday 9 December 2011


I meant to draw a christmasy themed pic, but somehow it ended up turning into Bikini Bible Chan from the superb mecha fetus blog.

Also, just a slightly pushy reminder that prints and postcards make excellent presents and are available from my print site! Unfortunately, some time in the new year I'm going to have to raise the price of my prints; the cost of printing has been steadily increasing and I've been holding off a price hike as long as possible, but it's starting to get silly now.
The good news is that you've still got a chance to pick up some art at the still low low price before that happens!

I know I always say that I'm really busy, but at the minute I'm really REALLY busy, and here's why:

I'm taking part in the Spring Fever II exhibition at the Alternative Cafe Gallery next year, along with David Palumbo and Italia Ruotolo, which means getting six oil paintings finished and shipped to America asap. Exciting!
I've just finished all the underpainting; I leave my paintings to dry inside boxes, so that they don't end up caked in dust and dog hair from my filthy Labrador. I'll post more details about the show nearer the time.

Lastly, I've had a picture included in the excellent Erotic Fantasy Art vol 2.

Check it out if that's your bag (which I'm assuming it is if you're looking at my blog)
Ok, think that's it for now. More art soon. Merry Xmas!


Nigel Auchterlounie said...

Church has changed a lot since I stopped going.

Richard Leshone said...

Great work again, I really like your pictures. inspirational stuff

jake gumbleton said...

Ooh ooh I wanna see em properly mate, they look amazing! Are you going to glaze colours on top or are they going to be monochromatic in the end? Looks like you have progressed loads! How have you found real paint compared to digital?

Corey aka Hippo said...

Awesome stuff, do you plan on doing the dirty show in Detroit?



Ben Newman said...

Cheers all!
jake: these are just the underpaintings; going to be full colour on top. Combination of glazing and opaque generally, whatever i think will work best at the time! Paintings good fun, the only thing that i find annoying is that you have to dedicate a good chunk of time to it. worth it in the end though!
Corey: I haven't heard of the dirty show, will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

Pips said...

Lovely update; sneaks away quietly so as not to disturb you painting.. i'd bring you a cup of tea if i lived next door and maybe a sammich to keep you going and er... walk the dog ..

Anonymous said...

The DERS.....they are totally giving up TEXAS.
And BIC to PEZ to UGGS, hand over what they all know.
It's a total wipe-out for KARL ROVE and RUSH LIMBAUGH who were working for the QUEEN.
IRA included.
He was the DEN.
He was the " DOE."
( as in DOOMME)

Sam said...

Ben, not sure whether this is you, but someone is selling your art through Second Life:

Devilspassion said...

I really enjoy your drawings... Excellent!

rastapitan said...

great artwork man!

Ben Newman said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Much appreciated.
Sam: Thanks. Got my lawyer (wife) chasing them down now!

Alt said...

holy hotness!

ProfBanzai said...

wow... you sure know how to mix cute and sexy plus religion too! Great job!