Friday 25 March 2011

Robin Bougie has posted up an review he wrote about "The Legend of the Orgasm Bike" featuring a couple of illustrations by yours truly. Go check it out here. (slighty nsfw)
And if you've got some spare change burning a hole in your pocket, go and buy some of his amazing products here, so he can afford to keep sending me cool films to draw pictures of!


shomy said...

Like always great works from really great artist! Really man you push the limits forward each time when you draw something new. I think that you inspire many peopel including me too!!! Kinky but Cool!!!

Steve-O said...

Now I know what I'm getting buddy's mom for her birthday ;)


Mike Philbin said...

Ah-hahaha! my 2008 novel Bukkakeworld (available from Silverthought Press NY) had these bikes in it.


Galak said...

If Your Google-Fu is strong, You can find a movie with such a bike in action :)