Thursday 17 February 2011

Nearly finished this one after having it hanging over me for ages.
Little teaser:


Matt said...

Can't wait. Should be interesting. ;)

Kalamitus said...
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Kalamitus said...

bravo seƱor great work color and detail¡ espero no falte mucho para verlo terminado

Anonymous said...

This is so nicly done, ive been an admirer of your painting style ever since i saw your bizzarre mag entry, i have to ask which brushes do you mainly use? I assume its photoshop you work with , what opacity do you lay thses wonderful colours down at? The forms are so playfully and masterfully handled. You are a genuis sir! Thank you for sharing this gift with us.

Ben Newman said...

wow, that's some user name!
I do mostly use photoshop, normally starting off with nearly 100% opacity brushes and then dropping the opacity down bit by bit until near the end I'm usually working with 15-20% opacity. There are no hard and fast rules though, just doing what feels correct at the time!
There are some earlier versions of this pic further down the blog if you want to compare and contrast with the starting stages.

Milenko said...

Man, looking at your stuff again, and trying to figure out what is it that makes your work so special.
I think it is the juice.
Your work is incredibly juicy.

Cheers to your skill,