Thursday 13 January 2011

Pam and Zlata speedpaints

Just a couple of quick speedpaints this update. The first one is of the lovely Pam Grier and the second is of the astounding Zlata.
I could draw Zlata (and I have done) over and over and over again; she makes perfect reference material! You can check out her website here:
Zlatas amazing contortion website!

Here's a few grabs from the process of this speedpaint: I decided to start off with some fairly funky colours to hopefully give the final image a bit more punch. Whether it worked or not is dubious but it was fun to do.



Brilliant work...
Really enjoying the pam..


Anonymous said...

Pam is sooo awesome!
How long did that speedpaint take?

Tibo3D said...

wow , that's nice work!

Ben Newman said...

Melanie: Both these pics were done over lunchbreaks, so approximately an hour each.

Unknown said...

Ahah, funny Pam!!
Amazing work as always

Mr.T said...

Well done on Pam. Was watching a film the other day and she happened to be in it.
Ah, it was 'Above the Law' with the mighty Steven Seagal.

Mayavan Thevendra said...

Love that Pam Grier one, Ben, you've got the face dead on.

Adam Street said...

Thanks for the WIP!

Yessy deVond said...

love your art Ben!!!

Yessy deVond said...

Hi ben!
I would like to use one of your images for my blog header
( )
i can?

Ben Newman said...

Yessy: If you could put a link up to my blog somewhere on your site then sure! I was in Buenos Aires last year, it's an amazing place; I'm looking forward to getting back there when I have the chance.

Yessy deVond said...

oh thanks ben!!
i present you in the last post and i put your link on my site!
ohh now in buenos aires it s rain like hell!!!!!
I'm glad you liked buenos aires
hope you have that chance soon!!!
I wish you luck and prosperity!!!
kises from bs as!!

david benzal said...

Amazing girls here, ilove your Pin aps...
See you!!