Monday 12 May 2008

oh, and here's some more older stuff.


Mike Philbin said...

I like all three of these LOTS - the girl with blood-red-hand-guns though is a winner.


Mr.Plot said...

Hi man!!!
Is good to see your stuff again.I like your work a lot and your progress is so fast..i keep the scketh you do in me home to me....and i remenber the day we went to paint graffiti....keep in touch ..
i going to linked your blog in mine okk
My name is Javi.....jeje

Steve-O said...

Don't know if this comment will get approved or not since it is on such an old post, just saw the picture of drunkbot and decided to comment. All of your work is awesome. I also wish I could have the chance to look through all of your sketchbooks man.