Wednesday 15 October 2008

I won the Bizarre competetion! Yay me!
I knew a couple of weeks ago that I'd won the Art category, but I also won the overall award, which came as a complete suprise. The Ball was a great night, with loads of cool acts and dressed up people, so thanks to the Bizarre team and partners for organising it. I didn't end taking that many photos, although you can find more on their own site:

This has to be the strangest site of the evening; a woman in an inflatable pig costume being flogged.
Random ball-goers.

Rope tricks in the "dom corner"

Me collecting the award.

And here is the pic I won with "dorothys itch", and the first pic I sent to Bizarre of red riding hood.


lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll said...

Congratulations Ben. Way to go, you totally deserve it. Your work is outstanding!!!

Andy Council said...

Superb Benathon!

Anonymous said...

your artwork is amazing, and as an aspiring artist i hope to one day reach that level of skill in my work :) Btw Was at the bizarre ball too [ Black and white Furry Cybergothy of those Furry people :P]

Keeping this bookmarked as i cant wait to see further updates with new pieces!


Wiggz said...

nice one benny boy!
I've been waiting for these to appear after spying on you working on them for a while now.Glad you finished them!

good work matey.

Congrats on the Bizarre win too.


E. Sharp said...

Wow, it's crazy i have a couple of concepts i'm workin' like the Red Ridin' Hood joint, doubt it'll come out as good as this...But yea, ur work is outstanding man...Keep'em coming!

Reido said...

My god your work is hott

Anonymous said...

I love your works a lot