Thursday 22 May 2014

Here's a sneak peek at a detail of a picture I drew for the upcoming Roger Corman/Joe Dante show put on by Hero Complex Art and Trailers from Hell. The show starts on Friday; more details here!

More art soon.


jake gumbleton said...

that's fucking lovely mate!

David Rutten said...

Love the shadow edge across the face. Very eerie.

Anthony_B said...

When you work digitally do you paint shadow as a separate multiply layer, or do you keep it all on one layer and paint as you would on canvas?

Ben Newman said...

Jake: Cheers!
David: Thanks, I like it too!
Anthony: A bit of both; I normally sketch it in as a multiply layer, but as soon as I'm happy with it in rough form I'll merge it in and then paint on top from then on.