Monday 21 January 2013

Penelope Purpleton

Whew, the new year has been super hectic so far! Unfortunately most of the stuff I'm doing at the minute I can't show yet, and I don't really even have time to draw some sketches to throw up here!
I can show this painting I did for Electric Picks awesome Red Box book, which is still available here.

More art soon hopefully


Lona said...

I've been meaning to ask if you have a commission price list anywhere readily available.

Ben Newman said...

Hey Lona; no I don't, just because it varies a lot depending on what you're after, anywhere from £100 - £500+.
Drop me an email if you're interested in commissioning some thing.

Mike Philbin said...

ass-zip'd oh my lordy


Laura Dubin said...

I love your stuff, Ben <333

Ben Newman said...

Hey Mike

Thanks Laura!

Unknown said...

what a amazing art you represented..i like it. Student Horizons 2020 Cup - Highlights Video 2013

Foom Spectacular said...

A zip that goes all the way from the front to the bottom. Genius.

Brilliant as ever.