Monday 6 February 2012

Welcome to the Future!

The future is going to be so amazing!
I wish I could time travel :(

I might work this doodle up a bit more if I ever get the time.


javier said...

that moto-mech looks like the moto-mech of Rideback anime... but yours are the better and sexy than any one

Unknown said...

I hope this future coming soon!!

Richard Leshone said...

Can't wait :)

Dan D. Evans said...

I have seen the future and it has bums in it. Lots of bums.

Unknown said...

Ben. You sort of are time traveling. Just really slow.


I'm sure you'll be around long enough to see some robots + short skirts. Or go to Tokyo now - it's already there.


Unknown said...

you should finish this one!