Thursday 18 December 2008

rip frd

Free Radical Design is no more.
The games studio that gave me my first "proper" art job has closed it doors. It feels strange to say that I'm sad about the break up of a company, but frd gave me an opportunity when many others wouldn't, and I learnt a hell of a lot in the 7 years i worked there. Timesplitters 1-3 are probably the most fun games I will ever work on, to the point where they spoiled me to the rest of the gaming industry. What other games would give me the chance to build zombies, robots, gunslingers, fetish angels, pinups, giant-headed paedos, cactus men and top heavy cops?
Hopefully T.S. will be resurrected one day (and i'll have the chance to work on it!)
good luck to everyone.


Crips Pink said...

yeah, that whole thing was a bit nuts, I work at Rare, so its all a bit close to home too.
Cheers for the comment on my blog, I'm honoured that u like my stuff, yours is (to sound all too American) AWESOME!

Katabulous said...

What? D: I heard a rumor of TS4! TT___TT I'm so sad now.

FraaarkTheBlundinator said...

Hi Ben,
I been lurking round here for a while. Wow that must have been an awesome job! I loved all the characters from the time splitters games, I thought they looked similar to your work, now I know why ha ha. My fave was the pink and white harlequin lady from time splitters 2. Did you design her? Well I hope you are still getting lots of work, you should do your art is awesome!

Ben Newman said...

Hi Dom!
I only just spotted this comment, I only usually check the comments on the top post...
I left Free Radical about a year before they went belly up, so it didn't really affect me, it was just a bit sad.
I liked the harlequin girl as well, she was a right pain to texture though! all those diamond patches were a nightmare to match up.